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This website contains information to assist you in being the best you.

Smile, relax, peek and read through in support of helping yourself,

community, family, your friends, animals, the environment, and your planet! Alone we are one, but together we are infinite possibilities.

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Using a colourful, creative style to stimulate and engage a young audience 'About Me' introduces us to Ella and her adventures,

as she learns to make positive choices and do things that make

her happy, an example for readers to follow in her footsteps and consider their own actions and the impact they have on self and others.


'About Me' is an informative and interactive 'how to' guide to positive self development for kids and parents to enjoy together, and is available to read free here on the FunLife website.


'About Me', is the first book in the 'All of us' series. The book is aimed at children, young people, parents and adults; to inspire ideas and thought into our chosen practices and to motivate and inform us by showing us ways in-which we can actively make choices in life that benefit us and enhance our health, intelligence, creativity and well being practices.

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