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Make_sure_both_parents_are_practicing_positive_par Staying_positive_can_seem_difficult

Set the necessary boundaries to keep your children safe. While positive parenting promotes the idea that children should make their own choices, you need to intervene when there is a potential for danger.


For example, you can limit computer usage to common areas in the house and establish rules against hitting others.

In order for the practice to work, there needs to be consistency.


This is especially important if you are divorced, and the children live in different environments when they are with each parent

When your toddler is throwing daily tantrums or your teenagers are disobeying every rule you establish, staying positive can seem difficult.


Remember your children do not stay small very long andwhen your child becomes an adult,  your relationship with them will be longer as an adult than as a child.


Many studies have shown that positive parenting results in children who are healthier physically and emotionally. This type of parenting is based on positive psychology, which encourages control over our bodies, minds and emotions to promote well-being, happiness and success.


Practice positive parenting by providing your children with empowerment, confidence, strength and a firm sense of unconditional love and well-being that will guide them in healthy ways through their entire lives.

Set the necessary boundaries

Make sure both parents are practicing positive parenting.

Staying positive can seem difficult.