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Rule no.1 Take nothing personal

Keep your overall attitude positive. Parents need to lead by example, and in order to parent positively, you need to have a good attitude about your life and your role as a parent.

This can and should begin at a young age.

Allow your children to make decisions on their own. This will teach them accountability and responsibility. When they control their lives in small ways, they will learn how to accept consequences that come with choices.

This will give them the confidence they need to make decisions on their own and believe in their choices.


Communicate your confidence in your children frequently. Tell them they can do anything they set their minds to.


Encourage your kids to envision success in everything they do or dream of doing. Even if they aspire to something you think is unlikely, support the dream so they learn to get a better idea of themselves and what they are capable of.

Be a happy and patient parent. Love your kids and

family so they will grow up to be healthy individuals.

Keep your overall attitude positive.

Empower your children.

Show that you believe in your children.


Encourage your children to think for themselves and to question everything

they learn and hear.


Show your kids how to express and articulate their own opinions appropriately.

Ask for their thoughts and input on matters. This will give them the security that

they can contribute to the world in positive ways.

Children need to know that their parents will love and support them even when they make bad choices that lead to negative consequences.


Express disappointment in any bad decisions your children make, but separate the action from the person. When you practice positive parenting, you never tell your children they are bad.

Positive parenting means helping your children develop their minds and bodies. This is easier to do when they are consuming healthy foods instead of junk food. Keep fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and whole grains in the house.

Limit the amounts of sugar your kids eat.

Value individuality in your home.

Provide an environment of unconditional love.

Nuture your children's nutrition.

Teach_balance Be_an_active_parent

Positive parenting encourages moderation, self-regulation, discipline, and enjoying an occasional treat or indulgence once in a while.

Help your kids learn the importance of balance and moderation with treats, television, video games and social networking.

Communicate regularly with your children and get to know their friends and their friends' parents.


Spend time together as a family and 1-on-1 with each child. As a positive parent, you need to let your child know you enjoy getting to know him or her as an individual.


Let your children know you are available to help them talk through their emotions. When you argue, or if your child acts defiantly, sit down and talk about it. Avoid sending your child to his or her room for a "timeout" without explaining why he or she is being punished. Otherwise, the child will be left alone to deal with emotions that he or she may not understand.

Teach balance.

Be an active parent.